Jumaat, 29 April 2011


If guys dream about girls that are innocent and glamorous, then girls dream about male baby-faced beasts. That sounds quite odd but the term describes guys that have a pretty-boy face but a beastly body, which is becoming quite popular.

1. Go Soo (Gosu)
He is a popular actor in Korea and is known for having a gorgeous face. Just wait, it gets better. He also has a six pack making himself the ultimate baby faced beast. His face almost resembles a comic book character because his eyes always look a bit watery as if he carries around sadness in them.

2. 2PM’s Nichkhun
Nichkhun is sometimes referred to being prettier than girls. This might not be the best compliment for a guy but for some weird reason, girls love that. He has an angelic face with baby white skin which Koreans love also. But what you guys might not know is that he has a rocking body. With all his work outs, he has muscles under that soft white skin.

3. 2AM’s Jo Kwon

Jo Kwon is more known for his diva / kkab (craziness) and his adorable face. Whenever he smiles, girls say “Aw!” He may be kind of small and just a cutie but he has a body that took a lot of work. Even Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In, his on-screen wife on We Got Married, has admitted to being impressed by his six pack and arm muscles.

4. Chun Jung Myung
His face may look a bit baby-like in a way, he is a cute beast man. He looks cute with his large eyes and his smile but his acting roles have shown off some toughness in him. I mean, this guy just came back from the army. Do I need to say more?

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